Judy’s Photography
Established in 1982
Beyond the Photography

  1. Pets (and their Families)

  2. Yachts & Real Estate ... Personal & Commercial

  3. Commercial ... From Products to Airplanes

  4. Family Portraits

  5. Senior Portraits

  6. Special Occasion Portraits

  7. Profile Photo Shoot

  8. Events & Parties with Photo Packages

  9. Club Member Portraits & Roster Design

  10. Engagement Portraits

  11. Weddings & Album Design

  12. All types of photography!!

Professional Photography:

Judy’s Creative Design Specialities are:
Photographic Excellence

Professional Image Enhancement, Graphic Design and Photography! 

Judy has been a professional photographer for over 30-years now!
She is very experienced in Photoshop CC and many other image perfecting programs,

with over 18-years in digital Photoshop creative design, photo editing and retouching.

Image enhancement for those who love to photograph beautiful images

and may not have the time, the photo editing skills or may not enjoy the retouching and printing process.

  1. Retouching

  2. Restoration

  3. Color/Brightness Adjusting

  4. Editing & Numbering in a Storybook Format

  5. Placing your copyright on each photo

  6. Uploading images to your preferred site or images may be placed on a Thumb Drive or DVD

  7. Preparing and uploading your photographs to a professional photo lab

  8. Designing Announcements, Thank-You Cards, Albums, etc...

  9. Logos & Brochures

  10. Web Design & Hosting (hosting fees starting at: $18 per month)

  1. ... and much more!

Contact Judy


904. 510. 3225          


2015 Photo by:  Steve Gilson


Photo Editing fees starting at $18.00 per hour.

Creative Design, Retouching, Photo Adjusting & Web Design fees beginning at: $38 per hour.
(Billed in 15-minute increments. You will receive a detailed statement with your order)
Logos and Brochures may be quoted prior to design or based on an hourly rate of $38 per hour.

Photographic Coverage begins at:  $68 per hour. 
Ask for a special quote for your event, party, wedding or any of your photographic needs!

If shipping is necessary, shipping & handling fees may apply.